Fixing The Braking – The Mistakes To Be Avoided

Your braking system is one of the most important systems in your vehicle, and one that arguably secures your safety more than others. As such, it is very important that you ensure your braking system is always in the very best condition possible, and that when it needs to be replaced, it is done in a way that does not diminish its efficacy. However, there are plenty of inexperienced servicemen as well as scammers who do a poor job of fixing your brakes, and it might be up to you to ensure this does not happen. Below are the worst mistakes you should avoid making when replacing your brake pads:

Not cleaning the hardware – before the brake pad replacement it is of absolute importance to clean out the existing hardware. However, there are plenty of servicemen who simply skip this process: they remove the worn out brake pads and simply slip in the new replacements without so much as cleaning the slides and the other parts of the system. If you notice that the repairman is making no attempt at cleaning before installing the new pads, make sure to ask whether he cleaned the system out or not before.

Installing the pads backwards – this might be very surprising, and especially frustrating after learning just how much brake pads cost, but there are professionals and amateurs who make the mistake (or are just plain lazy) of installing the brake pads on backwards. This is obviously something that should not be done, and it will lead to horrible noise and friction – not to add, a rather quick wearing down of the new pads – if left as it is. Check this site provide a high quality of brakes that will suit your needs for your vehicle.

Using cheap brake pads – this mistake applies more to you, as you are the one paying for the brake pads (but there might be instances where you can be scammed, which is also a good reason why you should get your car repaired at a trustworthy garage). Do not attempt to buy cheap brake pads, because that will only damage your vehicle. Furthermore, the lower quality of these spare parts will just ensure you will be back at the garage in a few months at best for another replacement.

Skipping the lubrication – be on the lookout as to whether your repairman is passing your calliper pins through the grease before inserting them into the system once again. Lubrication is extremely important for the braking system, and foregoing this is asking for your brake pads to be worn down quickly. Also, make sure that the appropriate grease type is used (there is a special variant just for callipers), as the temperature can get quite hot and normal grease solutions cannot withstand this.