How To Clean A Vehicle With Foggy Headlight?

Keeping the vehicle in top shape is the responsibility of vehicle owners but there are many instances that even if the car is clean, their headlights are fogged, cloudy and yellowed. This can decrease the look of the vehicle and this can also affect how the owner travel, because headlights are their eyes whenever they are on the road and it should always be bright and so that they can see whether a car is coming on their way. The original source on how to clean a vehicle with foggy headlight. 
There is really a time where headlights were made of glass, but that were long time ago. Today, headlights are made of hard plastics that specifically tempered for the job even the Hilux headlights are made from these plastics; this plastic material is called polycarbonate plastics. These plastics are really strong, but they are naturally absorbent. To combat their being absorbent, the manufacturers covered the headlights with a protective film. The film itself could last for a couple of years, but it will start to fall apart. Especially if the film is exposed from too much heat from the bulb and the UV rays from the constant exposure to the sun and other harsh chemicals that could come up over the road, the film eventually fades. When the film fades, it allows the plastic from being oxidized that will eventually give the headlights foggy look. 
But how can motorists clean the headlight with fog?
• The first thing they need to do is to determine whether the moisture is trapped inside the headlight because if it is, there is a probability that the headlight has a crack and a leak that is not addressed.
• To fix the problem, they should disconnect the electrical connection on the back of the headlight before they remove it from the vehicle. Screw the bolts that are keeping the headlight attached, after pulling the headlight; they should wipe the moisture outside with a cloth. If the headlamp is sealed, they could use a hairdryer to remove the moist inside, but in doing so they should aim the hair dryer on different directions so that they will not melt the plastic. Chrome Strips for Cars best results they could leave the headlight in that position overnight to dry, this would easily and safely remove the moisture on the headlight.
• Once the headlight is dry they should check for any cracks, leaks or holes. If they are cracks, they can use a clear sealant along the full length of the crack inside and outside of the headlight. Coat the headlight with silicon spray to ensure that it is perfectly secured.
• After the taping the securing the headlight, replace its bulb and insert the headlight back to into the vehicle. They should also replace the bolt for security measures. When the headlight is secured, they could now reconnect the electrical connectors and test the lights by turning them on.
• If the fogging in the outer section is not removed, they should probably use glass cleaner that contains ammonia. This will remove the oil and the dirt build up which is causing the fog. Then, they can now apply a car wax to restore the brightness of the headlights.