How To Use Your Annual Leave In The Best Possible Way

Annual leave is a minimum of two week period an organisation wants their employees to take on a mandatory basis. This is so that the employee gets to rejuvenate, relax and come back to work as more efficient and happy employees. Yes, it may seem like too short a time to plan out anything and even if you do want to take a holiday, it might seem difficult if you don’t have enough finances for a long holiday away from home. But I’ve realised that two weeks is quite enough time to get most of your work done and also have a relaxed break if you plan it well. Let’s look at how.

Plan your essential house chores and repairs

Yes, more work is not exactly how you want to spend your holiday, but if you have been wanting to get some high level work done for your house or car, then this is a good time. During my leave I took my car to the garage for some smash repairs in Dandenong South that had to get done, and because I was not at work every day, I had the time to go to the garage and check the progress regularly. My colleague schedules the annual house painting during this time, so if the weather is pleasant, you can ensure that the entire work load is completed at the end of your two weeks.

Get involved in more community work

If you haven’t had time to contribute to the community, now is the time. Look at opportunities to get involved. You can also make this a family event. How about visiting your grandmother in her retirement home? Or visiting your ill aunt who has been in hospital? Maybe a tree planting project or a beach clean-up event. These are all chances for you to give back to the community.

Focus on family time and “me time”

This is time to look at how you can get more involved with the interests of your family. If you have kids, maybe plan a day out with them or even do some simple arts and crafts at home. You can involve the kids to bake cookies and cake, or spend a movie night with everyone. The holiday is also going to be well spent if you take some time off for yourself. Go for a spa treatment and a massage. Maybe get a facial or a pedicure done. Complete that book you’ve wanted to finish and plan an evening with the girls for high tea.