The Peril Of Negligence – And How To Overcome Them

Imagine completing your daily routine without the help of your smartphone! Today’s smart phones have become the indespsible tool which substitutes written down notes, checklists and dependency on memory. Similarly for getting our car serviced, it pays to equip ourselves with some of the basic knowledge about them. But first, let us see the need for servicing.

Regular servicing

While the need for getting the car serviced is pretty obvious, what most of us fail to understand is programming ourselves to do it periodically, without fail? Many a times we fail to adhere to the schedule and at times neglect it too, only to pay a heavy price at a later stage. For auto service, it pays to have a ready to use reckoner or a list so that the hard earned money is well spent.

The checklist

For example, you were suffering from a toothache as well as an occasional headache symptom, chances are, you will choose to visit the dentist first rather than the general physician. The logic obviously is, that the toothache is more difficult to bear (and, therefore, critical for your daily functioning) as compared to headache. Similarly, while every part of your car is as important as the other, there are few very critical things that can, like the toothache, upset the functionality of the car. The easiest way to make your checklist, to be used at the time of getting the car serviced, is to link it to the criticality of functioning. Here are few; 

• Coolant and Engine Oil – the heart of the engine, both coolant, and engine oil should be periodically checked and filled based on usage of the car.

• Fuel filter, air filter and Battery – perhaps, the next critical areas for your car’s optimum functioning

• Brake liner – assumes importance based on the weather conditions

• Engine belt and time belt – again based on the usage, the areas not to be neglected

The idea of keeping a checklist (though the above list is not exhaustive), is not to neglect some of the critical areas of your car’s function. While your car servicing company should be fully conversant with the servicing of your car, it does not harm you to keep a bit of critical information to ensure that the car is serviced properly.

Choosing wisely

Servicing your car can be a costly affair, especially, if you drive your car for long distances regularly. Here are few tips to choose the right one:

• Care for the safety of your car

• Have requisite equipment and trained experts

• Suits your budget

• Friendly but professional in approach

• Respect your time and hence, deliver as promised